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I welcome all the parents, students and each stakeholder on this domain!

I and my whole team is on an expedition to discover the true qualities that lead to outstanding achievement. Globalization has made the world more vulnerable and it creates a world without borders. So we need to prepare our children to become global-smart citizens.

S R Global Academy upholds the ethos and values of Indian culture with a blend of powerful modern technology. We are equipped with excellent infrastructure, zero pollution environments with world class teaching tools to inspire students to engage both in academics as well as enriching extra -curricular programmers. We ensure our students are groomed in such a manner so that they grow up to become global-smart citizens and can adapt to any kind of environment easily.

A culture of creative thinking, inquisitiveness, resilience and independence is inculcated in student’s right from pre primary level to build a strong foundation for future. Our dedicated and talented team of faculty members with their experience and excellent academic expertise are actively engaged in making excellence happen every day.

Come, Join us, grow and be a change maker in the lives of students!

Rajendra Kumar Yadav

Managing Director

S.R. Global Academy

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